My personal experience with Danielle’s treatments are” awesome, fantastic, pain free” after one treatment. I was experiencing hand, arm and shoulder pain, especially my hand was swollen and purple. She worked on me for 15, 20 minutes and the result was no pain! My hand was not swollen and the purple disappeared like magic! I recommend anyone to come and experience how wonderful she is.

-Sandra Rios.



I am a licensed physical therapist and met Danielle at PT school about 10 years ago. She is a very close friend of mine but unfortunately we live very far apart. About a year ago, I slipped and fell in a puddle of water onto my hardwood floor. I felt some tightening in my left lower back but didn’t think much more about it until about three days later when I woke up with increasing tightness and pain in my back and left thigh numbness that
progressed over the course of that day. Being a PT, I figured I knew what to do to relieve my symptoms. Over the next few days I tried stretching, muscle relaxers, ice, massage and just about anything else I could come up with from my PT training. Nothing helped. I went to see a physician because I was very concerned about the persistent thigh numbness. She gave me a script for a steroid dose pack and sent me on my way. About 3 days into the 5 day dose pack, I still did not have any significant improvement.

I happened to be talking to Danielle and she asked if she could try to walk me through a short session over the phone to help ease my symptoms. I agreed but was skeptical because nothing seemed to be helping. She had me lie down in a quiet room and she continued to instruct me in some specific relaxation and visualization techniques. This took less than 5 minutes. On my own that evening I went through some of the techniques that she taught me as well. I immediately felt more relaxed following the initial session but was still skeptical that my symptoms would improve. I was wrong. The next morning, I woke up and had a significant decrease in the numbness in my thigh and much less pain and tightness in my lower back. I went from barely being able to tolerate standing longer than a few minutes without pretty severe pain/spasm in my back to being able to go about my normal daily routine without much pain. Over the course of the next few days, it was obvious that I was recovering from this event. I am now completely recovered and have full feeling back in my thigh. I am still not sure how she was able to help me so much from one conversation but I am sure that the techniques worked wonders for me and I will forever be grateful for her help.

-Cara C


I have received wellness treatment from Danielle for over 5 years and always with immediate and lasting results.  My first contact was for help with a foot condition that caused extreme pain in my heel and spread to both feet.  I was told by a doctor (who never touched or really looked at my foot) that the only thing she could do was try to get me an appointment with a Podiatrist for a shot of Cortisone and that she’d call me back.  Since I never heard back and didn’t want to go that route anyway, I went to Mission Hills Physical Therapy and got an appointment with Danielle.  I did everything she told me to do including maintaining a gluten-free diet and doing specific foot exercises. Within 3 weeks and about 8 appointments the pain was gone and has never returned.


I’ll be 84 soon and I surprise myself with the energy I have and how much I can accomplish.  I’ve been going to Danielle with any physical or emotional complaint.  One time, when I was depressed about the well being of a relative who lives far away, Danielle did a treatment for him and the next day, he called and was in good spirits and sounded strong. I have received treatment for frequent UTI’s, low energy, depression, infections and for vague or acute forms of dis-ease.  Her warmth and loving awareness make me feel better even before she starts a treatment and I always experience an immediate physical lift and well being after a treatment, which lasts for days at least and sometimes is permanent. I see her less often now because I feel well most of the time. I’m really grateful for her partnership in helping me maintain health, energy and well-being at this stage of my life.



Danielle has had a huge impact on my overall health and generally helps keep me feeling great!  I love that I can see her when I have a specific focus, low energy, pinpoint pain or weakness, and when it’s difficult or a general feeling of unease. During and after a treatment I feel better than I could have imagined. As an acupuncturist I have developed a strong sensitivity to light and strong energy work, and for me Danielle is a phenomenally gifted practitioner who helps with both subtle and major shifts that keep me balanced.



I was referred to Danielle from a good friend. As a matter of fact, my friend kept telling me to go see Danielle for quite some time. She said she could really help me after I had two torn hip tendons and an avulsion. Did I listen? No, not for myself but when my college age daughter was having residual problems from an ACL surgery I thought I better take her to see Danielle. My daughter felt so much better after one session she said I should try it. After my daughter’s second session I signed up. I have played sports all my life, I was a hairstylist for 20 years, and as an adult I took up soccer. I had retired from hairstyling due to neck and back pain that kept me up most nights. All the chiropractors, massages, and muscle relaxants were not long-term solutions. I would feel better in the short term and then need to go back because the pain would increase again. For years I have lived with body pain in varying degrees, until I met Danielle. After one session I could not believe how great I felt! The first couple of days I ached, but since then I have not experienced the hip, or back pain I had become accustomed to living with.

I have had two sessions and have never felt better!  AND it is not just short term relief!



Danielle was amazing! She listened to me when I explained my chronic back pain and health issues and offered concrete suggestions that were helpful.  Her bodywork on the massage table was gentle, non-invasive and very effective.  I felt she listened to what my body needed and instructed me in how to hear it.  Her clinical approach is respectful and gentle.  She offered me many nutritional supports and checked-in on me via email to clarify if I had any questions and to make sure I was on-track. I heartily recommend Danielle for her physical therapy expertise and personal integrity.

-Linda W


There is truly a “before” and “after” to my health journey once Danielle entered into my life. She has drastically shifted my wellness and I am in little to no pain since I have been seeing her. Although I experience instant relief after a session with her, there is also a progressive healing I have had overtime. In other words, she offers relief without the dependency. I had major chronic pain in my body and did not always receive the respect for my wellness journey from other healthcare professionals. Danielle was validating and practical. She respected my body and mind story and I am indebted to her and her work. I have the upmost respect for her professionalism and high quality, whole person, care. I could not recommend Danielle more.