Your Doctor MAY NOT Know!

It is not uncommon for me to talk to people with acute or semi-acute injuries who have not received any Physical Therapy intervention, and frankly it INFURIATES me! ¬†Often I am told that “my doctor hasn’t recommended PT yet”, or “my doctor said no PT for a while yet”. While I can respect this, I think it is unfortunate that more physicians don’t realize that there are very safe and effective forms of intervention that exist, and should be implemented as soon as possible.

Some of the unique and INCREDIBLE things about the tools I use in my practice (i.e.. Matrix Energetics, Integrative Manual Therapy, Kinesio Taping, etc) are that they are hands-on, GENTLE, and PERFECTLY SAFE. They promote blood flow, decrease swelling, and accelerate healing. I have seen AMAZING results with immediate intervention for ankle sprains, low back strains, shoulder dislocations, and more.

I appreciate and acknowledge that physicians are doing the best that they can, and they may not realize that this type of intervention exists and is appropriate. This is where patients and/or their family members must be advocates. If it isn’t recommended, consider talking to the physician and requesting PT as soon as possible. Even have him or her speak to your Physical Therapist to discuss treatment plans.

I know when I am injured I want to get better as soon as possible. I would love to hear your experiences with acute injuries!

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